“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary”

Bulb Lighting offer a highly customised event lighting service. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to deliver unique and stunning lighting designs.

Whether you have a crystal-clear vision for your event or would like to explore a variety of different lighting options, Bulb Lighting can work with you to deliver a lighting design that you truly love.

We love unusual spaces, creative and organic designs and don’t mind getting our hands dirty. We are passionate about making spaces look amazing so if that means crawling around in bug infested shrubbery to install the lights of your dreams, then that’s what we’ll happily do!

Because every lighting installation is different and varies so much between venues, we do not offer one-size-fits-all price-lists.  That said, we do work at a number of venues on a regular basis and can provide some great lighting suggestions (and costings) for these venues.

We are very good at personalising designs to fit not only with your vision and your venue, but also your budget. 

Our quotes are fully inclusive of all design, equipment, installation and packdown and GST

Who we are

We are Milos & Maddie, a husband and wife team who simply love everything lights.
Our vision is to turn the ordinary into magical, to make sure you not only capture the moment perfectly in time but also feel the atmosphere on the night.

For us, lighting is not just about function but rather the mood and emotion that it resonates.

We don’t always realise it, but mood lighting is one of the most important ingredients in creating an atmosphere for your wedding. 
Lighting creates unique sensations and experiences and has the capacity to completely change not only the look but also the way a room feels.  
With over 7 years in the events and wedding industry Milos has a calm and devoted approach to ensuring your event is perfect. 
Our vision is to exceed your expectations and create memories for you to cherish forever.

“the sun is gone, but I have a light”

Check out our Instagram, not only can you find all the amazing pictures of our lights but you will also see what they look like in professional photography.

Don’t worry if you have chosen a venue and want more specific pictures just contact us directly and we’ll get started!